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RAPidImpact 2012

                            RAPRA and the Society of Plastics Engineers Present RAPid Impact

                              Helping Student / P.I. Teams Hone Skills to 'Pitch Your Science'

Students - undergrads, post grads, PhD, and postdoctoral scholars -- are invited to team with a Principal Investigator (P.I.)  to enter RAPid Impact. This competition was established to aid the development of the ability to communicate research to the untrained science mind; ultimately a tool to accelerate the commercialization of their products.

Why Participate:

RAPid Impact is an opportunity to build your business skills and gain exposure to polymer industry leaders.   Winners will receive cash prize money:

  • 1st place  $5,000
  • 2nd place $1,000
  • 3rd place  $500

The 1st place winner will also be the guest of RAPRA at the Global Polymer Innovation EXPO including coverage of up to $1,000 of related travel expenses.

Competition Process:

January 23 - May 31, 2012: Registration is open during this time and video submissions may be uploaded. Before May 31, 2012, submit an original video no longer than 3 minutes long that communicates your innovation and its commercial aspects.

February - March, 2012: Watch for e-mail announcements for the 'Pitch Your Science' webinar series.  These are optional but should prove valuable to enhancing your videos.

June 1- July 13, 2012: RAPRA and SPE will judge the video submissions.  Judging will be based on: Content 10%; Creativity 10%; Originality 10%; Execution 35%; and Effect 35%.

August 1, 2012: Winners will be announced on or about August 1, 2012.  Potential winners will be contacted via the e-mail address provided.  See rules for eligibility and prize verification requirements.

August 26-29, 2012:  RAPRA invites the top 3 winners to attend the Global Polymer Innovation EXPO in Columbus, Ohio for the award ceremony.  Live presentation opportunity to conference attendees and videos featured on website.

Who Should Apply:

Students attending accreditied universities throughout the United States can participate in RAPid Impact.




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